Using Social Media

Social media can be a powerful and useful job search tool. Both Linkedin and Twitter are major resources for job searching. The following tips will help you utilize both social media sites to find employment:


Linkedin is a professional social network site. It is used to make connections and find jobs. It is not used for any personal reason. If you create a Linkedin page, please keep this in mind. Your profile photo should be a headshot in professional attire. All the information in your profile should be related to professional experience and transferable skills and certifications. No other information is relevant.
You can use Linkedin to do the following:

Search for jobs and contact the hiring manager directly. Linkedin has a “jobs” tab where you can search for positions. Usually this position will have the profile of the hiring manager attached to it. This gives you the opportunity of contacting that manager directly with a cover letter, whereas other job sites typically do not publish the name of the hiring manager.

Any time you apply to a job on Linkedin, you should contact the hiring manager with a well-written cover letter. Even if you don’t get an interview, you can make a connection with this hiring manager in case any future opportunities come up.

Make connections with people in industries and companies you are interested in. Search companies and see if certain departmental heads and HR officials have profiles. While there may not be positions available at these companies, it is ok to send a note to one of these managers outlining your skills and interest in working for the company, and try to make a connection. It shows initiative on your part, and this person may keep you in mind if a position opens up later.


Jobs are sometimes posted to Twitter, but it will require some searching to find them. There are two ways to approach Twitter for employment:

Follow companies you are interested in and pay attention to job postings on their feed. Companies will occasionally post positions when they become available, and you can follow their link to fill out an online application. Be sure to follow our guidelines for appropriate social media presence if you want to present yourself as a qualified candidate for companies on Twitter.

Search for positions that are posted on Twitter. You can sometimes find jobs that are posted to Twitter. Simply follow the same rules that apply to job search sites: search the position you want and the city/region to get the appropriate results.