Tricks of the Trade

The following tips can help make your job search more effective and efficient

1. Save all relevant jobs you locate in a search if you can’t apply to them immediately
Jobs search sites like Indeed, Snagajob, and Simplyhired provide options to save any jobs you are interested and store them to your profile. It will save you any time from having to locate the job again.

2. Create a generic cover letter to cold-contact multiple hiring managers via email or LinkedIn
You’ve found companies you want to work for, but they have no listed job positions available. You can still try cold-contacting managers, however, by sending them a cover letter listing your skills and desire to work for the company. You might be surprised to learn that a few of these companies have positions available that weren’t listed online, or they might be willing to create a position to accommodate you if they are impressed by your letter.
It’s best to use this method by compiling the emails of as many HR and managers as possible: at least 50. Use a spreadsheet to record the names, and then utilize our cover letter resources to learn how to write an effective letter.

3. Don’t forget to pay attention to “help wanted” signs in your daily activities
The majority of job searching today is conducted online, but that shouldn’t prevent you from paying attention to job opportunities that appear while out in public. Next time you are out in a commercial area or strip mall, take a look at storefronts for “help wanted” signs and take applications for any positions you would be interested in.

4. Think about who is in your “network”
Don’t be afraid to tap the resources that your friends, family, teachers, and mentors may be able to provide. Spread the word that you are looking for employment. Be up front about the sort of position that you are looking for. Connections are important resources for helping you look for opportunities that might not be advertised.