Questions to ask potential employers

You should always be prepared to ASK questions at an interview. It's not uncommon for a jobseeker to not be hired because he/she didn't ask any questions during the interview. 

While having specific questions on the company and departmental goals will signal to employers that you've done your research and are well prepared, you can also ask the following general questions to help your chances of landing the job.

  1. What is your management style? This question can be posed to your supervisor in an interview, and asking it signals to the interviewer that you are curious about the business culture and how you would fit in.
  2. What’s the company approach for dealing with an unhappy customer? Asking this question shows that you are serious about following protocol for a very important part of the job.
  3. Where do you envision this department/company/branch in five years? This is a good way to flip the question that interviewers typically ask: “where do you envision yourself in five years?” It shows you have expectations that the company or branch will have a vision for the future.

For more information about preparing for an interview, check out Researching the Company. 

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