Summer YouthWorks! Employer FAQs

What are the benefits of hiring an AAWDC YouthWorks! youth?

  • Creates a fulfilling and cost effective way to address critical business needs such as filling entry-level job vacancies, completing overlooked administrative projects and addressing coverage gaps during staff vacations of busy seasons. In addition, many youth are fluent in technology and bring with them a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
  • AAWDC YouthWorks! youth are prepared: They participate in pre-internship training to develop skills including communication, presentation, professionalism, teamwork and business ethics. 
  • AAWDC Youth coordinators support both employers and young adults: We help employers craft job descriptions, facilitate interviews and provide support to all throughout the summer.
  • AAWDC YouthWorks! participants are OUR future workforce. A summer work experience broadens horizons, connects young adults to mentors and provides an invaluable experience.

What is the duration of the Summer YouthWorks! program?

Employers determine the hours that Summer YouthWorks! interns work. We ask that you provide an experience that is a minimum of 120 hours and lasts 6 weeks.

Will I be able to interview candidates?

Yes. AAWDC YouthWorks! staff will identify young adults based on your hiring criteria and can help facilitate interviews so that you can select a participant that best meets your needs.

How do you recruit the young adults?

From high schools, community colleges, universities and community organizations throughout Anne Arundel County.

My business is located within the greater Baltimore reagion–but not within Anne Arundel County. Can I still participate?

Yes! Contact us for more information. 

What kind of support will I receive from AAWDC?

An AAWDC YouthWorks coordinator will support you and the young adult(s) throughout the summer. From job descriptions to providing interns with feedback and guidance, we are here for you.

How old are AAWDC SYW! youth?

SYW! youth are 16-24 years old. Companies can indicate what age range they prefer to work with prior to screening.

Are there tax incentives for hiring young adults through AAWDC Summer YouthWorks!?

Businesses who hire a youth directly may qualify for a work opportunity tax credit. AAWDC YouthWorks! staff can help you determine if your business qualifies. Learn more.

What industries participate in AAWDC Summer YouthWorks? Companies from all industries are encouraged reach out to us about our program. In the past, we have had participation from the following: information technology, arts/entertainment/recreation, tourism/hospitality, food service/culinary, nonprofit, public/government, professional and business services, retail trade, wholesale trade, high-tech, biotech, trade/transportation/warehouse, utilities, agriculture, maritime, military/defense, construction, real estate, education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing.